Conceptual elaboration of a night club design Design trough medial and acoustic media with the difficulty of sense of community and intimacy. In nightclubs the optimization of acoustic contains music, not the possibility of conversations. A simple conversation is barely achievable based on loud music, the absence of absorbers and a not optimal array of seating areas. Guests have to speak louder to be able to talk to each other. This leads to a raise of the sound level. A conversation will be much more difficult. A night club with dance areas requires also possibilities for conversations. Many people visit those localities to dance amidst strangers and to listen to the music. This causes a sense of community. Through the strongly representative of interpersonal communications in the society, there is the possibility to making new acquaintances. Another aspect is to spend an evening with friends. On one side to listen to the music at the dancing area and on the other to communicate among each other. To obtain a safe haven those groups rent a seating area for the hole evening mostly. They desire a table with a close proximity to keep the sense of community, contemporary the desire intimacy. That needs an area with an overview above the hole club and at the same time an immune area, for a mutual cooperation without disturbance. It's very important that the sound level stays in background. The music should be audible discreetly and thereby allowing a conversation.
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